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    Video: BMW 1M versus concrete walls

    BMW Handling is second to none.

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    Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S. I simply cannot wait to see this car. I have been waiting for this one for a while. Finally, a real Toyota Sports car.

    If you were not already aware, it is a joint venture (ha ha) vehicle with Subaru. Supposedly is it to be an Rear-wheel drive car, much like the original Corollas/Celicas and use a BOXER 4cyl from Subaru. Toyota has not had a real sports car under it’s umbrella (other than the Lexus LF-A) since the death of the MR2 and Celica in 2003. Some say that it goes back as far as 1998/99 when the Supra Turbo was killed off.  

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    The Future of NAV

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    Griffey Love!



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    I seriously love the LFA..

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    Ari and I discovered this today.. EPIC. 

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    Wicked crash leads to Ghost Riding the Whip Moto!

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    BRABUS 800 iBusiness 2.0 

    219 MPH.. and full of Apple goodness. 

    The lowdown:

    Take a “standard” Mercedes-Benz S600, hand it over to BRABUS and watch them work their magic. First task is to add a unique body kit and styling ques in only the way BRABUS can. Afterwards, the Twin-Turbo V12 is blessed with power additions totaling up to 800 bhp and 1047 ft/lbs of Torque. 

    Now, the best part! The Apple/Tech goodies include: a Mac Mini with it’s own Wi-Fi Hotspot complete with a 15.2” 16:9 display that retracts from the Alcantara headliner, two retractable iPad 2s coming from the rear of the seats/headrests, and of course theres the 64GB iPod Touch that provides tunes and connected to the car audio, stowed away in the rear console. In total luxury..

    Beautiful.. someone sign me up.

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    Aluminum “Manipulation”… Audi A6. Love the effects.. 

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    First iPad 2 Car Install.. Nice.

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