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    Holy Moly.. Cadillac CTS-V V8 in an outboard boat engine. Beast… 

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    Prince Harry on Top Gear?

    This should be interesting. Apparently when series 17 begins in June, Royalty will take to the SIARPC (Star in A Reasonably Priced Car) as Prince Harry will take the wheel.

    SIARPC puts celebrities and other well known figures into Top Gear’s reasonably priced Kia Cee’d to have a go around their test track. The current leader, with a time of 1:44.2, is a well-known hollywood scientologist (his name is Tom Cruise, supposedly? lol). 

    I know for a fact that he is destined to end up on the top of the leader boards because of two things… 

    •  He just acquired his certificate/license to pilot an Apache Heli (Attack  Helicopter capable of 182 mph) 
    •  Jeremy Clarkson will write in a ‘proper’ time for the chap. 

    This show is by far, my favorite on TV and a must for any car enthusiast. Check it out.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear or watch some of them via Finalgear.com

    Top Gear

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    Awesome Traffic Jam Info Graphic

    As a Graphic Design graduate at one time, this info graphic of how traffic jams begin and how they are caused is pure awesomeness. 

    Why Traffic Jams Happen width=
    Via: Car Insurance Guide

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    Thoughts: Mitsubishi Evolution “death”

    I have to admit… I had never heard of the Mitsubishi Evolution until one glorious day I picked up the controller and fired up Gran Turismo on my PS1 back in 1997. I was enthralled, to say the least, as the car was quick and agile as well as being the visual definition of a Rally Car. 

    Unfortunately, the car did not reach it’s way stateside until the early 2000s and as the VIII (8th Gen). For many Americans, it never had a real soft spot so to say because of this and it is a shame. This car is considered by many one of the best handling vehicles of all time with one of the most advanced AWD systems to date. The X (10th gen) is a true example of the technology that went into these drivetrains.


    What the hell is Mitsubishi (other than their TVs, Appliances and of course the Lancer Evolution) doing?

    Their Automotive brand identity is severely suffering as nobody talks about when the next Mitsubishi is coming out, let alone considering it for their next car. This is one reason that I for one, if given the choice, would have the Subaru STi in my garage over the Evolution. Pure reputation.. 

    So, my friends… as the company mulls over the thought of killing off this segment of their brand realize that one car cannot carry a franchise to greatness and that they have some serious rethinking of their lineup to do first. I’ll pour a little out to the Evo.. RIP.

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    The new F10 (2012+) BMW M5. BMW is previewing this car slowly to the public and it appears as though it will be a beast.

    It’s going to be leaving behind a legend of an engine in the S85 507 bhp V10. A new, more efficient 560+ bhp 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 is in the werks as BMW moves farther forward in it’s EfficientDynamics push for equal power with better fuel economy. Stay Tuned! 

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    New beginning..

    It’s been in my mind for so long to create a place where I could come ramble on about the love I have for everything on wheels. I finally stumbled upon a day and free time to start that… hope you all enjoy it.

    A little background about me in terms of the Auto Industry/Car world: I grew up surrounded by the smell of gas and exhaust fumes at a young age. My father has been in the industry since his early 20s (namely with Porsche) and for the past 25+ years has owned a prominent German car repair shop in La Mesa, Ca.

    My first job was at the dealership side for a southern California BMW franchise and I “ended” my career so to say as an aspiring BMW Technician. Weary of the stress and not wanting to take the biggest love in my world at the time and spoil it, I decided to move onward to the Art/Design/Tech field. 

    I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

    Stelvio Pass - Switzerland (One of the Top Rated Driving Roads on earth)

I love talking Cars, but love driving them more. Me doing those things.. blogified.